It was a typical boring dorm party.
We were in the party room in the basement of the Sanford tower. A nice looking girl walked up and started talking to me. She said she decided to talk to me because I looked so bored. She didn't live in the dorm. She and her girlfriends were leaving and going back to the house they rented. Did I want to tag along? You bet.

Most of her girlfriends played on the University field hockey team. We sat around and listened to music. Suddenly, "Paradise by the Dash Board Light" by Meat Loaf played. They girls jumped up, cranked the stereo to eleven (Spinal Tap reference), and proceeded to play "air guitar" to the whole, long song. One took air drums, the others had air guitars, and they danced and jumped and sang. Man, I was kind of freaked out. But I respected the uninhibited nature of the performance. I think of it every time I hear that song on the radio.


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