Electric Field Theory class
in the EE curriculum is a "weeder" class. Fifty to sixty percent of the class get D's and F's. The first time I took Fields I got a "D". That was good enough to graduate, but I was convinced I could get a better grade. I took the class again and got an "F". Now I had to take the class a third time. If I failed this time I would flunk out of school.

The first day of the third time through I sat about four rows deep in a large lecture hall filled with a couple hundred students. The instructor, a Professor Carothers , opened his initial lecture by lambasting us for not being smart enough to attend MIT.  "If we were at MIT we would start right off with Field Theory, but instead we will have to spend a few days reviewing math... ". It was said in a very snooty way. Which caused me to blurt out in the dead silence that followed, "And of course, if YOU were any good you would be TEACHING at MIT".   He looked pointedly at me. I sat in the back row the rest of the quarter and was quite content with my "C".


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