Trout Fishing - Summer 2001

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m.jpg A view upstream.
p.jpg After a few hours of slogging along, I took off my gear and sat on this downed tree to rest. Note the crazy rope hanging from the tree. I can't figure out why its there, because there is no pool or deep water here. You can see my fishing vest and net sitting on the ground. My vest is sitting on the creel that used to be my dads. The flyrod is one my dad built himself.
q.jpg This is about the best ripple I found on this stream. I was told that there was a lot of dead water before I would reach some good pools, but I am unwilling to invest the rest of the day to try and find it. I decided to forsake East Beaver and return to my car and find somewhere else to fish.
r.jpg All I have to do is return to the tree line and stike out across the old farm fields to reach a the road I drove in on. I can walk this road to my car. I will have walked in a large circle.
s.jpg The gravel roads follow the contour of the valleys. I remember my hip boots making an audible "crunch crunch" as I walked along.
v.jpg Click on this picture to see the turkey vulture, a familiar sight in the skies over a Minnesota trout stream valley.
z11.jpg I stopped in a little town at the local bar. I went inside and asked the patrons if they knew of a place near town to fish. One gentleman told me of a place near town. I found the place easily enough and found a big bend in the stream where trout seemed to be feeding. Casting across the width of the stream I tried several wet flies until I found one they seemed to like. This brown trout was the result. I got hung up across the stream and lost my fly - a light gray nymph. I had no further bites.
z12.jpg This isn't the greatest close up of a brown trout, but you can see the red spots along the sides and a lack of spots on the tail.
z3.jpg Walking up to the road, I spotted this deer who has come out in the early evening to begin feeding. See him in the center of the picture?
z4.jpg Another photo except using the zoom lens.
z7.jpg Here is the view off the other side of the bridge. This kind of stream shoreline is very enjoyable to fish because there is plenty of flat ground with no tall weeds or trees or shrubs behind you when your line goes behind you as you cast. I fished up to the bend in the stream you see here and then walked back in the growing dark. The bar patrons fishing spot was a good one.

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