have mixed feeling about my time
at the "U". Graduating during a recession didn't help much. In retrospect, I spent too much time in college, notwithstanding two engineering degrees. The University of Minnesota was a very theoretical based college. There were certainly a lot of very smart people there. But you were definitely left to your own devices to learn, and to learn in spite of the professors. The U had too many people enrolled in each major to graduate everybody. The way they handled this was to do a crappy job of instruction. Plenty of bright people flunked out because they didn't find a group of people to study with, which I feel was the key to graduating.

The U taught me how to learn on my own. I attended a junior college where the quality of teaching was excellent compared to that of the "U". At the "U" you were nameless and faceless. The experience at the "U" probably prepared me better to be a life long learner, but the frustration and angst it caused me won't allow me to send in that big check to my Alma Mata when I get ready to depart this earth.


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