was a friend from my home town who also attended the U of M. Evan lived in a frat. In the fall before school starts the frats all have rush week. They try to attract members, and they try to attract girls. I went over and visited Evan for several nights one rush week. There comes a night, however, where only frat members are allowed on the premises, along with any women the fraternity has managed to get to hang out with them. Evan got me into this party, even though I was not a member nor considering joining.

Suddenly, the alarm went out that some guys were trying to crash the party by forcing the rear door. We were in the "Deke" house, I think. "All Dekes out in the parking lot" came the command. Hey, I'm game. So I went out with Evan, and promptly got separated. Fine. To the party crashers, I'm a Deke, so they are trying to hit me. To the Deke's who are unfamiliar with me, I'm an invader, so they are trying to hit me. Fortunately, no one hit me, and Evan soon straightened out that I was his friend. The crashers were repelled and we went back inside.

It got to be about 2:00 in the morning. The basement party room looked wrecked. Everyone was pretty drunk - including Evan and me. He was explaining things to me. "Look at these guys - they aren't themselves, they're the persona they think other people want them to be. Most of them aren't *real* people - they're plastic!". So saying, he took a cheerleader megaphone off the frat's party room wall. "You're all plastic! You're plastic!", he shouted into the megaphone. Offended, the plastic people looked around. "Oh, it's just Evan ...", they told one another. They all liked Evan, so the plastic people no longer displayed any anger. I thought it was funny as hell.


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