The Rocket Fuel party
just kind of happened. People in the dorm would announce they were having a party, but usually this would mean just a few friends without tests the next day would show up (except for somebody like Teddy Night Life - this freshman showed up one fall and for the first quarter partied late every single night - needless to say, there was no second quarter for TNL). My room mate and I decided to make a conscience effort one Friday night to throw a party in our room. The drawing card? - ROCKET FUEL. We dreamed it up ourselves. We tried to use strong yet flavorless alcohols - lots of rum and tequila is all I recall. The secret was no water - just cans of Five-Alive and other juices. This was no mere "Whopatooee", my friends. Stoa donated his "beer sphere" (a round plastic vat for making beer) to hold the fuel.

We mixed 'her up, tasted it, refined it, then were open for business. The wimpy partiers of today don't begin a party until late. Back in the old days, 'ya know, we would start at seven. We kept warning people that the drink was really really strong. We couldn't be everywhere, could we? Most people didn't seem to suspect something so sweet and smooth could be so utterly alcoholic. The bottom line is within an hour of the party opening the dorm bathrooms contained persons of both sexes puking their guts out. It tasted so smooth and was so sweet people drank it much too fast. There was only one Rocket Fuel party.



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