I kind of resent the use of the term
"Student Athlete". Lord knows, the so-called Student Athlete has his or her own difficulties to face attending a large public university - problems the public is not even aware of. I am not intending to berate the football, basketball, and hockey scholarship students. However, who I believe to be the true "Student Athlete" are those students who participate in extracurricular or Recreation League sports. We were short-changed at the University of Minnesota. We had few facilities. For lack of softball fields, we had games starting at 10:00 on week nights!

Sport "Scholarship" players are not really scholars. They are athletes whom the University makes use of to garner income. I enjoy watching Gopher sports. Call the free ride what it is - "Athleticships", not "Scholarships".

Just to set the record straight, that little leering gnome Lou Holtz, one-time Gopher football coach, who abandoned the U for the lure of Notre Dame, almost ran me down one day while I was jaywalking. Jaywalking is a way of life at the University, almost everyone does it. Holtz floored his car one day while I was jaywalking - I actually had to sprint to the other side of the street to avoid being hit!


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