The 3rd floor of the Sanford Hall
dormitory was coed. There were some private rooms, but most everybody had one roommate. Of the same sex, I might add, although most people usually had "unofficial" roommate (i.e. your roommates girlfriend or boyfriend). It was quite commonplace to see girls walking around in bathrobes with curlers in their hair. It was also quite common to see one roommate hanging out the door talking on the phone to his girlfriend/her boyfriend. Back then, nobody had even heard of cordless phones. Each room had one phone. The cords were long, so you could step outside the room and stand back away from the door for more privacy. You could even close the door on the cord if you wanted.

A very large football lineman lived next to Bob and I (Kent D.). His claim to fame were the huge greater-than-a-foot long turds (I kid you not) he deposited in the toilet and left for everyone to admire (ugh!). One night he was hanging out his door talking to his girlfriend. Down the hall a ways, Janie was hanging out her door talking to her boyfriend. Janie was a bit of an exhibitionist. The dorm rooms did not have bathrooms. Each floor had two male and two female bathrooms/shower rooms for common use. Janie frequently made the trip to the bathroom wearing only a towel. Now, with just a towel wrapped around her, she was standing outside her room talking on the phone.

As Kent watched from down the hall, Marilyn, Janie's roommate, snatched Janie's towel from her, slammed the door shut, and locked it. Kent watched wide eyed as the totally nude Janie banged on the door and yelled at Marilyn to let her in. Then Janie suddenly turned and looked around only to see Kent watching wide-eyed from outside his door. So she sprinted down the hall around the corner to the safety of the womens bathroom.


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