Why pheasant hunt?

  Pheasant hunting is something I do. I enjoy it, it makes me think of my dad, it lets me get out and see the countryside. I don't shoot deer, because you see, I won't clean a deer - to much 'stuff'. I will clean a pheasant, however. One is profoundly aware that you have ended the life of a creature when you have to clean it. If you find dressing the bird distasteful then don't hunt. I like that you shoot only the males. Since roosters have harems of hens, most roosters don't get into the gene pool anyway. Hey - if I couldn't get any, shoot me too!

When you are younger, pheasant hunting can be kind of boring. It entails lots of walking around, or driving around with very little happening. When you are a kid, you crave excitement. When you are an adult, you crave tranquility. Pheasant hunting entails that tranquility with some occasional high energy excitement mixed in.

If you object to hunting, tough. That alfalfa sprout you ate for lunch died screaming for its mother - you just were too insensitive to hear it poodle walker (oops - poodles were once bred as hunting dogs - sorry for the painful reference).

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