Inspiration - stimulus to creative thought or action

   Concord Hymn - Ralph Waldo Emmerson
   Each has his own Tongue - William Carruth
   Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln
   How did you Die? - Edmund Cooke
   Opportunity - Edward Sill
   The House by the Side of the Road - Sam Foss
   The War Inevitable - Patrick Henry
   To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence - James Flecker

Introspection - self examination

    An Epitaph - Steven Hawes
    Crossing the Bar - Alfred Tennyson
    Death the Leveller - James Shirley   smell sweetly in dustl
    Epitaph - Sir Walter Raleigh
    Flower in the Crannied Wall - Alfred Lord Tennyson
    He Hath Lived to Shame Me From My Sneer - Tom Taylor
    Invictus - William Henley
    Intimations of Immortality - William Wordsworth
    I shall not Pass this Way Again - Eva York
    Man - Sir John Davies
    Mending Wall - Robert Frost
    Prayer - Louis Untermeyer
    Richard Cory - Edwin Robinson
    Solitude - Ella Wilcox    laugh world laughs with you
    The Fool's Prayer - Edward Sill
    The World is Too Much With Us - William Wordsworth

Lighthearted - free from care

  Advice to Young Men - Franklin Adams
  Father William - Lewis Carrol
  Jabberwocky - Lewis Carrol
  Little Words - Dorothy Parker
  My Heart Leaps Up - William Wordsworth
  Razors - Dorothy Parker
  The Children's Hour - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  The Bells - Edgar Allen Poe
  To a Thesaurus - Franklin Adams


        A Weekend at Lady Astors - Frank Sullivan
        Fables for Our Times - James Thurber
        Fantastic Fables - Ambrose Bierce
        If Grant had been Drinking at Appomatox - James Thurber
        The Greatest Man in the World  - James Thurber
        Happy Childhood Tales - Robert Benchly

Love - a strong, usually passionate affection for someone or something

  Delight in Disorder - Robert Herrick
  I do not Love Thee - Carolina Norton
  Love Song - Samuel Hoffenstein
  One-and-Twenty - A.E. Housman
  Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day? - William Shakespeare

Reflection - careful consideration

     Death be not Proud - John Donne
     Grass - Carl Sandburg
     Hamlet's Soliloquy - William Shakespeare
     Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey - William Wordsworth
     Maud Muller - John Greenleaf Whittier
     Memory - Thomas Aldrich
     Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelley
     Polonius' Advice to Laertes - William Shakespeare
     Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
     Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening - Robert Frost
     Thanatopsis - William Cullen Bryant
     The Caliban in the Coal Mine - Louis Untermeyer
     The Death Bed - Thomas Hood
     The Lotos-Eaters - Alfred Lord Tennyson
     The Night has a Thousand Eyes - Francis Bourdillon
     The Raven - Edgar Allen Poe
     To the Virgins - Robert Herrick
     Ulysses - Alfred Lord Tennyson
     Young and Old - Charles Kingsley

Xmas / The Bible

  The Christmas Story - King James Bible - Luke and Matthew
  The Night Before Christmas - Clement Moore
  90th Psalm
  121st Psalm
  139th Psalm

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