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We took the drive to southwestern Minnesota to see the petroglyphs (rock carvings) near Jeffers, Minnesota.
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a.jpg On Friday, July 26, 2002 We visited the Jeffers petroglyphs located in southwestern Minnesota near the town of Jeffers. On the drive down I couldn't resist pulling over and taking a picture along the highway of this sunflower field.
b.jpg This is basically the shot of the area where the petroglyphs are located. You really can't see the rock outcroppings, but they are there. The Jeffers Petroglyphs site contains over 2000 images carved in a bedrock outcrop of Sioux Quartzite in southwestern Minnesota. This 2,500 foot sloping rock surface, exposed near the crest of a high ridge, contains images of humans, animals, tools, and unidentifiable shapes carved by ancient Native Americans.
c.jpg Here is a scene just across the road from the previous picture. Rock outcroppings *are* visible here. In the past 2,000 or more years Native Americans people living on southwestern Minnesota's prairie made repeated pilgrimages to an exposed ridge of quartzite rock found today a few miles northeast of Jeffers. The petroglyphs, or rock carvings, that these prehistoric Indians painstakingly carved into very hard rock represent a variety of themes and abstract designs.
d.jpg Different prairie grasses bloom in turn all summer long. This pretty purple boom is just erupting.
q1.jpg A message about prairie fires.
e.jpg The buffalo rub is my favorite part of this site. I asked my wife to come back here today specifically because my buffalo rub pictures from our previous visit did not turn out.
f.jpg Generally, the darkest color purple areas have been polished to a glass-like surface.
g.jpg It freaks me out to think that buffalo used to be RIGHT HERE and rub against this rock. I wonder if they made an orderly line, or if the bulls chased the cows and younger bulls away.
h.jpg It was a very hot day, around 95 degrees, and it was a bit of a sweaty walk that we took on what remains of the great American plain. This picture give you an idea of what being out in the tall prairie grass must have been like. It's hard to imagine that over the course of 150 years the prairie has been eliminated. This site was sown with seeds of native praise plants, but an informational sign related that once the original praise disappeared, it can never truly come back.
i.jpg Cactus, everyone, cactus!
j.jpg This panel explains about prairie plants.
k1.jpg Our little group taking the long walk between the buffalo rub and the petroglyphs.
k2.jpg My son standing on the prairie.
k3.jpg I tried to get down at grass level to give the effect of what it might have looked like to have the endless prairie before you.

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